Australia is a surprisingly huge country with so much to explore. From deserts, to mountains, to coral reefs, there is undeniably a diversity of landscapes for everyone to explore. Boasting some of the most liveable cities and most delicious food, you will certainly not be disappointed during your trip down under. Aussies also have a particularly laid back and friendly culture, so you definitely won’t have trouble meeting locals here. 

If you love arts and culture, then check out the biggest cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Otherwise if you travelled all this way for the beach, then Queensland and Ningaloo Reef boast some of the best snorkelling in the world. You may even want to consider learning to surf in Byron Bay. If you are a road trip lover, then Central Australia or Tasmania are great options. 

Occasionally, travellers are hesitant to visit due to stories of deadly animals. However, don’t let this scare you off as it is incredibly rare to spiders, snakes and sharks in big cities. In fact, the wildlife is actually one of the best reasons for families to visit Australia. With cuties such as koala bears and baby kangaroos, the wildlife is often one of the highlights of any trip down under. 

Having been lucky enough to grow up in the ‘lucky country’, Australia will always feel like home to me. Despite having lived here for 20 years, I feel as though I have barely scratched the surface. In fact, my bucket list is continuously growing, with places such as WA and the NT yet to be explored. 

Although biased, my favourite destinations are Byron Bay, Hobart, Melbourne (home) and Sydney.

Illustrated Map of Australia

Australia Bucket List

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