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Hi there!

My name is Bella and I am 23 years old. Whilst I was born and raised in Melbourne (Australia), I am fortunate to have also called Toronto (Canada) home. 

Growing up, my biggest dream was to have a travel blog so I that could travel the world and share my experiences with others. Unfortunately, I never thought it was a realistic possibility for me and eventually forgot about this dream. 

Instead, I thought my international career would instead involve international business, diplomacy, or another related field. After school, I therefore enrolled into an Economics degree and set myself on a very traditional corporate path.

However two years into my degree I realised that the corporate life was not for me and I hit a point of extreme burnout. I eventually decided to take a gap year in 2022 to explore some other options.

This was the first time that I had both the courage and the means to travel seriously and also on my own.

It changed my life


This experience not only opened my eyes to the idea of long-term travel, but also allowed me to meet people living a nomadic lifestyle for the first time. 

Something finally clicked and I had a moment of major realisation… I would certainly be miserable living the traditional corporate life I had set up for myself at home. 

So, Planes and Plans was born. A project that combines my love not only for entrepreneurship and design, but also my passion for travel. 

Back at home, I am currently studying my undergraduate degree in Civil and Software Engineering. I have always been a nerd for maps, so I hope to one day work within a field related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or spatial data science. In my free time, I especially love gaming and illustration as these hobbies allow me to imagine wild and undiscovered places.

Despite being unsure what this will entail, one day I hope to pursue my own nomadic lifestyle. In the meantime, I will always continue to explore the world, build my own business, and of course share my travels along the way. 


What I am sure of, however, is that every day we have a choice.

So, let’s choose to live a life of adventure, culture and curiosity. 


Bella x

About the Planes and Plans Vision

About the Planes and Plans Vision

Planes and Plans is a project that combines my business and communication skills with both travel knowledge and a touch of creativity. My aim is to share both destination-specific as well as planning advice with travellers looking to plan an adventure. 

I am particularly curious about geoscience and mapping (it’s the engineering nerd in me). So, these are themes that I try to engage with while travelling and designing.


Hopefully I can also inspire you to get out there and explore some incredible parts of our Earth!

Places I Have Visited

Map of places I have visited

Australia | Belgium | Cambodia | Canada | Czech Republic | Denmark | France | Germany | Guatemala | Hong Kong Indonesia | Italy | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Philippines | Spain | Sweden | Thailand | UAE | UK | USA | Vatican City | Vietnam

My Travel Bucket List

Argentina | Brazil | Costa Rica | Ecuador | Egypt | India | Japan | Jordan | Morocco | Peru | Portugal | South Africa | Switzerland | Turkey

My Favourites

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