Hobart in 2 Days

Salamanca Market, Hobart

Hobart in 2 Days Hobart is a small but charming city on the Southern tip of Tasmania. Despite being the state’s capital, Hobart is often overlooked for some of Australia’s larger cities including Melbourne and Sydney. However, you will find some of the country’s best kept secrets here, including world-class art museums, large outdoor markets […]

How to Use Hostelworld

How to Use Hostelworld Discover how to use Hostelworld to find the best hotels and accommodation around the world. Hostelworld is THE best resource for evaluating reviews, discovering new places and even meeting other travellers. If you are planning a backpacking trip, you will most likely be using Hostelworld at some stage during your trip. […]

Southwest Road Trip Itinerary

Moab, Utah

Southwest Road Trip Itinerary A two-week Southwest road trip itinerary for your next trip to Nevada, Utah and Arizona. This road trip is one of the best in the USA. You will visit dazzling Las Vegas, Utah’s big five National Parks, and Arizona’s most beautiful canyons. Two weeks is the perfect amount of time to […]

Favourite Accommodation in the USA

Holiday House Palm Springs, California, USA

Favourite Accommodation in the USA Discover my overall favourite accommodation in the USA during my previous nine visits. Having previously travelled across 24 states, I have certainly stayed in many different types of accommodation across the country. Some incredible, while some not so great. So, check out my ongoing list of all my favourites for […]

Memphis in 2 Days

Lorraine Motel Memphis

Memphis in 2 Days Memphis, located in the deep south of the United States, shines as a hidden gem of a city. Despite its historical and cultural significance, people often overlook it in favour of the larger Tennessee state capital, Nashville. However, Memphis offers a wealth of rich history and culture, as well as some […]

Day Trips from Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula Day Trips

Day Trips from Melbourne Melbourne is an incredible city located in Victoria, Australia. However, it is also the gateway to exploring the rest of the state. You can easily access everything from the Great Ocean Road, to the Gold Fields from Melbourne. Read¬† about some of the best day trips from Melbourne below.¬† Contents Table […]

Travel Destinations for Each Month


Travel Destinations for Each Month Weather can be one of the biggest factors when deciding where to travel, and can really make or break your trip. Trust me, you do not want to be stuck in SE Asia during rainy season, or in Canada during a snow storm. Check out some of my favourite travel […]

New York City in 4 Days

The High Line, New York City

New York City in 4 Days New York City is an amazing city located on the East Coast of the USA. It is a diverse and fun place with endless amounts to explore. You can easily spend weeks or even months in the city, with day trips to Long Island and surrounding states. However, four […]

Los Angeles in 4 Days

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Los Angeles in 4 Days Los Angeles in a star-studded city located on the West Coast of the USA. It is a diverse place with lots of fun things to do. You can easily spend weeks in and around the city with many incredible day trips around Southern California. However, four days is the perfect […]

Trip Planning Process

Trip planning process

Trip Planning Process Trip planning from start to finish can be extremely overwhelming, and a long process. This checklist contains five easy steps, and following this process will ensure you have a smooth trip. Contents Table of Contents 5 Steps to Planning a Trip STEP 1: DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS The first step in trip planning […]

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